Consent on the provision of sensitive information

ENG 현버전
2023/03/27 06:02
Surearly SMART collects sensitive information as follows.
Collected Items
(Required) Body information (test result, concentration, and pattern by hormone type), test result date and time, year of birth, gender information
(Optional) Period of menstruation, expected date of ovulation, last menstrual start date, number of weeks of pregnancy, expected delivery date, mood, amount of bleeding, symptom information
Purposes of Collection
Hormone test results and menstrual cycle, provision of customized pattern information for hormone test results
New product development and performance improvement
Provision of services by demographic characteristics
Others, utilizing it as research data for hormone statistics by age group
Retention Period
Until there is a request to cancel (withdraw) or delete the Surearly SMART service.
※ You have the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information as above. However, if you refuse to consent, you may be restricted from using the hormone test service.
※ In addition, if the subject of personal information to be collected and used is a child under the age of 14, the consent of a legal representative must be obtained. In this case, the minimum personal information necessary to obtain the legal representative's consent, such as the legal representative's name and contact information, can be collected from the child without the legal representative's consent.
※ For the privacy policy, please click here.