Menstruation and Ovulation Management Calendar

In order to increase chances of getting pregnant, you need to manage the timing of increase in LH (surge) along with the ovulation hormone test.
The LH surge varies depending on an individual’s cycle, so you should know your menstrual period and its cycle.
Through the Surearly SMART ovulation hormone test, manage your estimated date of menstruation and ovulation with the calendar.
※ The menstruation and ovulation management calendar shows different screens depending on the menstrual period and cycle registration.

1. Menstrual period and cycle not registered

2. Menstrual period and cycle registration window (pop-up)

※ Once the schedule is saved, the first day of the period (estimated day) and cycle are automatically shown on the calendar of three months including this month.
E.g.) If the schedule for October 2020 is saved, first days and cycles for October, November, and December are automatically created.
※ The registered schedule can be edited and deleted.
(However, the schedules for the past 3 months from the month cannot be edited. For example, if the month is October 2020, the schedule for the past months including July 2020 cannot be edited or deleted.)
※ If the schedule is registered on the menstruation and ovulation mode, the same schedule is saved in the ‘menopause mode.’
(When managing the menopause, it checks if there has been changes to the cycle based on the first day of the last period, so the number of bleeding days and the cycle are saved as same in the menstruation and ovulation mode.)

3. Menstrual period and cycle registered

4. Menstrual period and cycle edit/change window (pop-up)

※ Once the schedule is edited, the edited first day of the period (estimated day) and cycle are added to the calendar of three months including this month.
- However, the previously registered schedule is added as a new schedule from the following months, so you need to delete the registered schedule manually.
E.g.) If you edit the schedule for October 2020, the edited schedules for November and December are additionally created, so the previously registered schedules need to be deleted on calendars for November and December.
※ Depending on the edited first day of the period, the expected ovulation period automatically changes, and if two first days are registered depending on the cycle of the month, it only shows the date close to the last day and the expected ovulation period for the month.
E.g.) If the first day of your period is 1st and the length of the cycle is 25 days, the first days of the cycle will be 1st and 25th. These two sections are saved. However, since only the latest section is shown on the calendar screen, the first or estimated day of the period will be marked only on 25th, and the expected ovulation period from Day 1, which will be between Day 10 ~ Day 12 will be marked.
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