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2023/03/29 05:37
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[Common]Can I check the result of the test stick with my eyes?

Surearly SMART uses an optical sensor inside the device to detect test sticks and read the results You must check the results through the Surearly SMART device to be accurate!

[Ovulation] When is a good time to test?

It's important to do it at the same time every day for 13, 14, and 15 days from the start of my period! But not the first pee in the morning!
The reason you shouldn't do it first thing in the morning is simple!
In the case of ovulation, LH hormones are secreted the most in the morning, and you should avoid the first urine in the morning because it takes several hours for these LH hormones to be released into the urine.

[Ovulation] Can I use it for contraceptive purposes?

I don't recommend it!
Surearly SMART Ovulation is a product designed to check for ovulation (LH hormone), and even if the ovulation test results are negative, it cannot be guaranteed that there is no possibility of pregnancy, so we do not recommend using it for contraceptive purposes.

[Ovulation] Does taking contraceptives change the results?

There's a chance!
Taking birth control pills can cause hormonal changes, which can change your menstrual cycle, so your ovulation days can be different from usual! Therefore, it is recommended to recover to a normal cycle before performing an ovulation test and then test it!

[Pregnant] When can I test it?

Your menstrual schedule is the best!
Although the secretion of hCG hormones varies depending on the individual, it is generally possible two to three days before the scheduled menstrual date, and it can be tested at any time after the scheduled menstrual date.

[Menopausal] It's not a menopause, but if you want me to do a periodic examination, does it mean that menopause could come?

This is a message when you are not in menopause, and if you have symptoms related to menopause, it is recommended to take regular tests once or twice a week.
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